Vote Kriss = Kristine Schuler

It's about equal rights for all people.

Currently: The scales are quite broken.


If I, Kriss = Kristine Schuler, were the Governor:
I would implement logical effective solutions toward:

Smaller Government
Lower Taxes
Abuses of Red Flag Law
Blocking Control-Freakers
Master Key Rapists
Mental Health
Housing Shortage
Human Rights
Constitutional Rights
Personal Property Rights
Abuses by Non-Profits
Crime & Safety
Women's Safety
Public Drug Use
Better Economy
Citizen's Wealth Opportunity
Cleaner Environment
Less Litter
More Public Bathrooms
Justice for All
            ... and much more

Hello Constitution
.. for all humans ..

I, Kriss = Kristine Schuler, do solemnly swear, affirm, and promise that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the State of Washington, and that I would faithfully discharge the duties of the office of Washington State Governor to the best of my ability.

.. and better than anyone else will ..

Also: I would block all forms of control-freakism; including, but not limited to: oppressions, slavery, fascism, communism, socialism, marxism, totalitarianism, big brotherism, authoritarian, nazism, dictatorship, brute force, rule of terror .. and all forms of coercive bullying by public workers and those funded by taxpayer dollars.

All humans are supposed to have the same access rights to the same constitutional benefit's and protections of their territories as everyone else .. yet many are being cheated and oppressed.

Liberty and Justice For All

Regarding Political Bandwagons:


I, Kriss = Kristine Schuler, am not a democrat. I do not support socialism or communism or any type of control-freakism. I see that team democrat has been completely taken over by team communism, and members of organized crimes who have been behaving as a collective dictator over the citizens. Public workers have been purposefully ignoring Washington State's Constitution and hurting many people's lives.

Also: I, Kriss = Krisitne Schuler, am not a RINO. I see that Team Republican does have lots of RINOs who've endorsed candidates that have supported control-freak communism to grow and cause much damage to our state, and hurting people's lives. I would like to enlighten the honest members of the GOP party regarding how they're being tricked into helping communism. I want everybody to have their constitutional rights all of the time.

Therefore: I'm running as a republican.



.. in Washington State ..

06 August 2024
Primary Election

05 November 2024
General Election

Vote Kriss = Kristine Schuler

Vote Kriss = Kristine Schuler

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