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It's about the right to speak.

I, Kriss = Kristine Schuler, was forced, since the time of babyhood, to be a top-shelf Navy Seal, US Marine, CIA Intelligence Analyst, Military & CIA Communications & Data Collector, and military sex slave .. and I didn’t get a paycheck. I was enslaved by United States government employees who were, and are, farming humans to be slaves for wealthy powerful control-freakers and covert military missions.

It was, and is, extremely illegal.

I was swimming all on my own before I was six months old. I was in training to be a master marine mermaid. At six months old I began training on how to hold my breath under water a long time while being vaginally raped. Most mermaids-in-training don’t survive to their first birthday, they’re drowned during rape.

The secret military says it like this: If a person wants to be an Olympic gold medal ice skater or swimmer, they cannot wait until they are past puberty to start training because the competition started training at babyhood. Same as with gold medal military navy seals and marines on covert missions. Same as with any specialized skill.

For more than 100 years, US Government employees have been stealing babies from their lives to be military slaves. The commanding slave-masters pocket the paychecks of their slaves. I was enslaved by them for more than 47 years.

I gathered a lot of master level skillsets in my life. My IQ level always tested between 169 and 172, so most importantly as a candidate for governor, I'm not stupid.

The former ‘Boss of the Military’ who illegally owned me claimed that he purposely didn’t ever allow me to have a paycheck so I wouldn’t have to sign, or be bound by, a non-disclosure agreement. Instead: what he did was take, keep, and store much detailed evidence of all their crimes against me and others. And now he’s commanding that the public be informed of everything they did and what their reasons are and were.

His "mountains of evidence" regarding serious crimes are buried underground in the Beast's train-car tunnels in Nebraska & the King Monster's tunnels in Kent Washington, and several other locations holding smaller amounts.

So I plan to utilize my right to speak [as commanded] about the events I witnessed and endured .. as I speak about real solutions .. as I be a cadidate for governor.


I will use this box and the next to declare and remind that I, Kriss = Kristine Schuler, have the right to speak.

I should be able to expect that all taxpayer-funded government workers respect my right to freely speak without me, or anyone, being further abused for it.

I request that all law enforcement officers everywhere, and all of the current generation of mobster dudes everywhere, and all clipboard behavior bullies everywhere, take notice of my right to speak. It is defended by the 1st Amendment of the contract that the United States has with and for its citizens.

I, Kriss = Kristine Schuler, have the right to speak.

I, Kriss = Kristine Schuler, have the right to:

~ speak about my life
~ speak about anyone who has abused me
~ speak about the industry of human trafficking
~ speak about criminal cops
~ speak about mobster kings
~ speak about where criminals left evidence
~ speak about politics
~ speak about government oppression
~ speak about unconstitutional laws
~ speak about slavery
~ speak about door-locks
~ speak about Housing First
~ speak about public education
~ speak about the control-freakers’ itinerary

Also, I have the right to:
~ have a camera for security
~ be a candidate for governor
~ talk about real solutions
~ say no to bullies’ illegal demands

I, Kriss = Kristine Schuler, have the right to speak, including and not limited to: web pages, books, magazines, newsletters, pamphlets, signs, posters, T-shirts, stickers, telephones, radio shows, podcasting, top shelf CIA cryptology and sign language, and all other legal forms of communication.

I have the right to speak .. as much as everyone else does.


Fred was the monster beast who stole me at birth and forced me to be his family’s unpaid slave for more than 47 years. It wasn’t easy. The abuse was extreme.

One of the reasons I’m a candidate for governor is to speak about the crimes of those that enslaved me. Human trafficking didn’t stop when those monsters died.

Currently, the infrastructure of organized crime is being enjoyed by the evil sons and grandsons who inherited it from the powerful psychopath mobster cops that enslaved me and many others.


I, Kriss = Kristine Schuler, didn’t have any mom or dad figure in my entire life. The most time I spent with my birth mother was as a fetus in her uterus. Fred, the royal mafia king at that time, stole me as I was being born. She didn’t have a choice. Fred was The Beast.

I do know who my birth parents were.

My birth mother’s name was Francis White Paulsen, born approximately 1915, a daughter of August Paulsen [of Spokane] and Myrtle White. Francis was married to a top shelf VIP mobster cop.

I was the last of ten children Francis had with her husband JohnBoy, my birth name is Seven. It was seven daughters and three sons, all born into human trafficking by powerful monsters.

Fred claimed that he paid Francis $5000 to keep me as his infant bride.

Francis was brutally killed when I was 9 years old, and the monsters made me, and several other children, watch it happen. Her bones were put into Fred's well, where they are still at. The video tape and photos of the event, and other physical evidence, was put into Fred's tunnels, where they are still at.

My biological father was called JohnBoy (1909 - 1998).

JohnBoy was the son of John Pierpont Morgan (April 17, 1837 – March 31, 1913) and Belle da Costa Greene (December 13, 1883 – May 10, 1950). [1883 is Belle’s true birth year]

JohnBoy was a career US Marshall based in the Detroit area. Detroit was his cornerstone mobster city. He was patrolling Great Lakes by boat and truck-driving the land as a law enforcement officer, while transporting smuggled items for the royal mafia. They were bootleggers in the 1920s.

JohnBoy was also a top assassin for Fred’s mafia crime family. JohnBoy was Fred’s ‘right-hand-man’. JohnBoy was an original leader of ‘The Purple Gang’, and one of the `dressed as a cop` shooters at the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, 14 February 1929. They committed lots of serious crimes; they were mobster cops, serial killers, pedophiles, rapists, human traffickers, and the wealthy investors of everything.

JohnBoy’s only full-blooded sibling, older sister Connie, was Fred’s 1st wife. Both JohnBoy and Fred’s mothers were full-blooded sisters, both daughters of Richard Theodore Greener (1844–1922) and Genevieve Ida Fleet.

JohnBoy had more than 2000 children via many rape victims; forced pregnancies. Fred impregnated most of JohnBoy’s daughters while JohnBoy impregnated most of Fred’s daughters.

As JohnBoy and Fred went through life committing crimes, and begetting sons trained to commit more crimes, they stored the evidence in Fred’s underground tunnels, where “a mountain of evidence” is currently located.

JohnBoy died of natural causes at age 89, and left many thousands of descendants.


.. in Washington State ..

06 August 2024
Primary Election

05 November 2024
General Election

Vote Kriss = Kristine Schuler

Vote Kriss = Kristine Schuler

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