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It's about new cities = new housing = new jobs.

It's about making new backyards.


New Cities will create:

    ~ more private housing options
    ~ more private businessess
    ~ new private jobs
    ~ new private backyards
    ~ more private property taxpayers
    ~ less taxpayer burdens
    ~ less overcrowding

New Cities

If I, Kriss = Kristine Schuler, were the governor, I would create new cities on idle state-owned land, thereby making more private housing options, and private job options, within Washington State.

WhereAs, the `Not enough housing for the increasing population` problem has been negatively effecting every city in Washington State, and ..

WhereAs, it is completely illogical and delusional to expect that all the new people that need all the new housing are going to fit inside the borders of the currently existing cities, and ..

WhereAs, it is also completely illogical and delusional to expect that the taxpayers can afford to continue to pay for all the new residential apartment buildings via tax money gifted to expensive nonprofits, and ..

WhereAs, the only people climbing their way out of poverty in the current Affordable Housing system are the publicly funded workers, nonprofit employees, and their CEOs, and ..

WhereAs, there will never be enough taxpayer money from any of the current cities to sustain the ongoing taxpayer-funded Affordable Housing system, homeless services, the nonprofit employees, and their CEOs, and ..

WhereAs, I do suspect that Spokane might have MORE taxpayer-funded public workers and nonprofit employees working on homeless services .. than it has people who are homeless, and ..

WhereAs, the current Housing First & Affordable Housing programs have been a giant scam to the taxpayers from the new mobster punks that are leading the gang of organized government criminals. The purpose was to help their nonprofit buddies become millionaires via taxpayer money, while team corrupt government makes more taxpayers homeless.

The current 'Affordable Housing' system is dangerously corrupt and needs to be changed as soon as possible.

WhereAs, any city within Washington State that needs to rely on state government funding to make their ‘budget ends meet’ is a city that is already over-extended. State government funding = relying on other cities. States that rely on federal funding = relying on other states. Meanwhile EVERY city, county, and state in this country is doing the exact same thing, relying on all the others to make their budget closer to funded, and ..

.. federal taxes go up.

WhereAs, the current Affordable Housing rule in downtown Spokane mandates that as a condition to rent an apartment on ghetto lane, a person must not ever earn more than 20 hours a week at minimum wage, thereby causing a person to be either trapped at that sub-poverty income forever, and no longer on subsidized housing, and unable to climb the income ladder .. or go back to homeless .. because you're then considered too wealthy to rent the only apartment that you can afford .. meanwhile, the taxpayer-funded nonprofit employees climb the taxpayer-funded income ladder into a nice house, nice car, nice vacations, and ..

Please understand: If you succeed at earning even a few hours more than 20 per week at minimum wage = you are forced to move back to homeless because there isn't anywhere else to even try to move to until you are over $50,000 a year for more than at least six months.

It's simple math: There is a large difference between earning $16,370 and $50,000. It is nearly impossible to make that jump while living homeless. Meanwhile: Spokane Catholic Charities' CEO Rob McCann & Spokane's former mayor David Condon have become millionaires off the scam to the taxpayers.

WhereAs, nonprofits that manage people need poverty people to manage, so they do everything that they can to block the people they are control-freaking from ever climbing their way out of poverty.

Therefore: Taxpayer-funded nonprofits forever managing poverty people = wealthy 'middle-men' of oppression .. and it doesn't help the poverty people escape poverty, it traps them in poverty forever.

That needs to stop. `We the People` need to immediately stop funding forced poverty in Washington State.

By the way: Are you happy that your personally hard-earned income is being stripped from you and gifted to tax-exempt nonprofits whose employees make a lot more money than you do?

It should, because their itinerary plans to make it much worse.

The current 'Housing System' is going to keep up their scam until either everyone but goverment workers are in an over-crowded tiny cement apartment starving every month, or somebody like me stops them.

WhereAs, every taxpayer dollar the current system takes to gift to nonprofits is another step closer to another person or family being taxed out of their homes, making the problem worse for more people, and ..

WhereAs, when the current housing system completely runs out of taxpayer money = the housing system will collapse for the poorest people, and those people will become homeless again anyway.

Therefore: I say it’s time for the State of Washington to pitch in some idle state land for the creation of some new cities.

I would implement some good-old-fashioned `homesteading` for land plots .. to people who can’t afford to purchase ..

.. so more people can be their own residential landlords.

Let's stop forever funding the expensive nonprofit middlemen that prey upon humans with a system that traps many into poverty.

WhereAs, Homesteading for private ownership has already been proven to be successful. The United States government did that for many people a few hundred years ago. It's time to do that again.

WhereAs, gifting plots of idle state land to a ‘homesteader’ in a new city is not an ongoing taxpayer-funded plan. The property becomes privately owned and eventually will help pay into the property tax base.

[as opposed to the current system of property tax-exempt nonprofits managing ghetto-apartment buildings for people trapped in progressive’s poverty]

WhereAs, idle state land is already owned by the people, it won’t have to be purchased with more taxpayer money.

WhereAs, the State of Washington has been generous to itself in using eminent domain to take private land from citizens, even to the point of making some homeless .. it is time that the state give some back.

New Cities = more options for private ownership.

New Cities = more property taxpayers sharing a smaller burden.

New Cities = less overcrowding.

New Cities = new backyards that are not in somebody elses.

If I, Kriss = Kristine Schuler, were the governor, I would create new cities on idle state-owned land, thereby making more private housing options, and more private job options.

It is the only truly effective solution to the housing shortage.

It is the only truly effective solution to maintaining existing neighborhoods of private houses in already existing cities.

It is the only truly effective solution to not forcing poverty people to forever rely on taxpayer-funded nonprofits for a place to sleep.

It is the only truly effective solution to the sky-rocketing costs of housing.

It is the only effectly solution to the exploding amount of taxpayer money gifted to nonprofits.

It is the only effective solution to the homeless crises.

Please vote for me .. Kriss = Kristine Schuler.

If I were the Governor = I would make new cities happen, and it would help solve many problems we currently have.


Hello Constitution
.. for all humans ..

I, Kriss = Kristine Schuler, do solemnly swear, affirm, and promise that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the State of Washington, and that I would faithfully discharge the duties of the office of Washington State Governor to the best of my ability.

.. and better than anyone else will ..

Also: I will block all forms of control-freakism; including, but not limited to: oppressions, fascism, communism, socialism, marxism, totalitarianism, big brotherism, authoritarian, nazism, dictatorship, brute force, rule of terror .. and all forms of coercive bullying by public workers and those funded by taxpayer dollars.

All humans are supposed to have the same access rights to the same constitutional benefit's and protections of their territories as everyone else .. yet many are being cheated.

.. in Washington State ..

06 August 2024
Primary Election

05 November 2024
General Election

Vote Kriss = Kristine Schuler

Vote Kriss = Kristine Schuler

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