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It's about Washington State Abortion Laws.


Abortion Laws

Is everyone aware?

It’s not the Governor’s job description to make or alter the abortion laws in Washington State. That’s the State Legislature’s job.

Abortion Laws


If I, Kriss = Kristine Schuler, were the Governor:

I would have no plans, desires, or intentions of changing the current abortion laws in Washington State. Given all the current factors and conditions of real life amongst all the other people on this planet, I know that Washington State Abortion Laws are adjusted right where they should be.

I would defend the females who need to keep the current abortion laws the same, just as they currently are in the State of Washington.

I know that it’s not the Governor’s job description to micro-manage the private lives of the citizens. A governor is supposed to be micro-managing the state taxpayer-funded employees .. not the citizens.


Matriarchal Abortion Wisdom


My personal experiences and opinions about abortion do not sit on any single political party’s bandwagon, or any religious bandwagon. It is based on real factors that real people encounter in their private lives.

I, Kriss = Kristine Schuler, am pro-life. I know that the right to live is the most basic human right that there is. And the fundamental, foundational right to live is true for all bodies of life, not just humans.

I am not a fan of abortions. Although, I am very much aware that quality abortion healthcare needs to exist to save the lives of many females that do need to have one.

Planned Parenthood of Spokane once saved my life. I was experiencing an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy that was approximately a half hour from bursting. It’s very likely that if Planned Parenthood hadn’t existed; my egg-tube would have burst while waiting in the hospital’s ER waiting rooms. I endured the procedure without any pain anesthetic because I wouldn’t sign a waiver releasing all interest in my only kidney.

“When the mother’s life is at risk” is always a situation of urgency, whether the child is still in the uterus or a 35-year-old man holding a knife to his mother’s throat demanding her piggy bank money. She has the right to defend her life at that time and without having to seek courtroom permission first, or be punished afterwards.

I was born into human trafficking where the abusive control-freakers were farming humans. Many female humans were enslaved by the rapists and forced to reproduce so that more children could be born into human trafficking. Nobody should ever be forced to be pregnant and produce babies.

All my children are the product of being raped. Also: handlers were sperm-jacking and egg-jacking and surrogating babies to make more humans to enslave. I’m proud of my children that I got to somewhat keep and know. I am very glad that they came alive and survived those monsters. On the other hand, I have much sorrow and empathy for the babies that I didn’t get to know, the ones that didn’t survive those monsters. I’ve witnessed many human slaves that experienced nothing but abusive misery throughout their entire life; humans who were justified in wishing that they were never conceived in the first place.

My strongest opinion on the subject of abortion is: Females, make sure you always have tools of defense and be strong enough to kill your rapist before he gets you pregnant. Then there wouldn’t be an innocent new human life conceived via rape that might be headed for an abortion. Also: Then there would be less rapists.

Every baby that results in an abortion is a baby that should have never been conceived in the first place. I much prefer to address the subject through better education being provided.

In the year 2017, after I was sexually assaulted in my downtown Spokane residential apartment by politically-motivated master-key rapists, I went to Planned Parenthood of Spokane to seek testing for viruses. Planned Parenthood of Spokane refused to provide those services to me because the insurance ObamaCare had forced me onto includes Medicare. Planned Parenthood wouldn't accept the state Medicaid I have because I also have Medicare. Also: they wouldn’t agree to accept cash payment for virus testing services. That was not cool, and it was embarrassing.

Planned Parenthood is focused and experienced in abortion healthcare. People don’t go there for impacted molars or chiropractor healthcare, and they don’t go to hospitals for those either.

Planned Parenthood has a legal right to exist, just as much as dentists and chiropractors do. But they don’t have a right to be gifted state taxpayer money. It’s very likely that if I were the governor adjusting the state budget to lower state taxes, that I would discontinue state taxpayer money being gifted to Planned Parenthood. I know that they have tons of money from other sources and would be just fine without Washington State taxpayers’ money.

Planned Parenthood spends lots of money on politics, which isn’t their declared industry = evidence that they have lots of money that isn’t used on healthcare services. Instead of Washington State employees seeking federal grants to gift to nonprofits (creating lots of expensive middlemen), Planned Parenthood can seek the federal taxpayer money all by themselves.

If I, Kriss = Kristine Schuler, were the governor, I would have no plans, desires, or intentions of changing the current abortion laws in Washington State. I would defend female humans by insisting that our state's abortion laws continue to stay just how they currently are.


Washington State Abortion Laws RCW Chapter 9.02


Hello Constitution
.. for all humans ..


I, Kriss = Kristine Schuler, do solemnly swear, affirm, and promise that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the State of Washington, and that I would faithfully discharge the duties of the office of Washington State Governor to the best of my ability.

.. and better than anyone else will ..

Also: I will block all forms of control-freakism; including, but not limited to: oppressions, fascism, communism, socialism, marxism, totalitarianism, big brotherism, authoritarian, nazism, dictatorship, brute force, rule of terror .. and all forms of coercive bullying by public workers and those funded by taxpayer dollars.

All humans are supposed to have the same access rights to the same constitutional benefit's and protections of their territories as everyone else .. yet many are being cheated.


.. in Washington State ..

06 August 2024
Primary Election

05 November 2024
General Election

Vote Kriss = Kristine Schuler

Vote Kriss = Kristine Schuler

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